portrait-10743-RogerRoger Courtney is the Executive Director of Kilcullen Kapital Partners, a diverse investment platform with interests in property, licensed premises, infrastructural assets and financial platforms.

He serves as a director of the Global Village Hospitality Fund, an ICAV with investments in the Hospitality Sector across Europe.

As an asset manager for Kilcullen Kapital Partners, Mr. Courtney manages a diverse portfolio of investment assets, including residential, commercial, and licensed premises. The management of these assets include partnerships, management agreements and leasehold arrangements.

Mr. Courtney is a Non-Executive Director of Irish Pubs Global Federation and has substantially contributed to the business development of the federation. He was key in developing the growth strategy for the organisation, building the framework for the membership platform and restructuring the data infrastructure to develop retail and commercial opportunities across the membership base.

Mr. Courtney’s early career was in the financial services industry where he worked for JP Morgan and Citigroup. At JP Morgan Mr. Courtney worked in fund accounting, valuing high-yield and currency funds in highly liquid markets, including petrochemical markets and emerging asset classes. At Citigroup Mr. Courtney worked in funds transfer managing high-value transactions.

Mr. Courtney has strong entrepreneurial experience, having successfully launched and run a private-client art dealing company, from which he successfully exited in 2008. The success of this company was based on understanding the needs of clients, and having a broad and in-depth knowledge of the market to ensure that we could fulfil all of Kilcullen’s client needs in off-market transactions.

He has completed and successfully distributed a feature film ‘Killers Within’ through his film production company, Fever Kid Films.

He currently serves as a non-executive director of the Atlantic Youth Trust, a cross-border youth development charity, which is aiming to build a youth-development tall ship for the island of Ireland.