The Name

Our name, Kilcullen, is derived from the Celtic mythological warrior, Cu Chulainn, who depicts the spirit of excellence and adventure. At Kilcullen Kapital Partners, we strive to embody these ideals. In fact, the original Celtic tribes are said to have originated in Central Europe – Bohemia, for example, being a Celtic word. Displaced by various settlers, the Celts were scattered as far north as Scotland, south to Gallencia in Spain and, of course Ireland.

Be that as it may, legend has it that one of Ireland’s ancient Kings was hosting a feast for his warriors when one of the men, dulled by roast pig and mead wine, forgot about his 12-year-old son who was to arrive late to the feast. Attacked by a wolf hound, put there to guard the men, the boy fought and beat the dog, earning the name Cu Chulainn – the Boy who Killed the Hound. Kilcullen is also an old family surname of Enda O’Coineen, Kilcullen Kapital Partners’ founder and Chairman.

When Enda traversed the Atlantic the following year, he named the boat after his grand aunt: (O’Coineen discovered a grand aunt named “Buddy” Kilcullen) “The Kilcullen.” Subsequent vessels that O’Coineen has sailed on the high seas have also carried the family name. Among them are a 21-foot yacht which successfully completed the Minitransat Atlantic Race, and a 60-footer which competed in the BOC single-handed round-the-world yacht race.The name Kilcullen was an obvious choice for a company that seeks to embody the spirit of challenge, excellence and adventure around the world. While Kilcullen Kapital Partners has no warrior-like aspirations, we strive to bring the same qualities of courage and determination to the arena of global business. Ours is not a fight for survival, but a quest for success in a competitive world.

Thinking Global, Acting Local

Based in Dublin, Ireland, but with a global outlook and scope, Kilcullen Kapital Partners is a combinations of entrepreneurial and investment exprience, led by Enda O’Coineen and Donal O’Shaughnessy.


Kilcullen Kapital Partners works in a number of key areas:

  • The development of Investment Funds.

  • Corporate Financing.

  • High-Potential Startup.

  • Renewable Energy and Adventure.

Enda O’Coineen

Founder & Partner

Donal O’Shaughnessy

Founder & Partner

Colm O’Reilly


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